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​Bearing selection should pay attention to the four elements

Luoyang LBR bearing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 09, 2018

Bearing selection should pay attention to the four elements

The function of the bearing fitting is to make the static ring and the rotating ring of the bearing be fixed together with the stationary part (usually the bearing seat) and the rotating part (usually the shaft) of the mounting part respectively so as to realize the load transfer and the limited movement The basic tasks of a system relative to the position of a stationary system. On the shaft and in the housing, the rolling bearings require their position fixed in three directions, radial, axial and tangential. Radial and tangential positioning of the bearing ring through the tight fit achieved, the axial positioning only in a few cases with tight fit; generally use axial limit parts, such as end caps and retaining ring will be limited to the axial position In the clearance range.

Bearing is an important mechanical parts, it can be said that the mechanical joints, and we humans, if there is no joint that is not enough, if people have no joints that paralyzed, then what is the role? Then there is no use, machinery is the same, no bearings, the machinery can not be used, so the machinery can not be separated from the bearings, left the bearings will not survive, it would be tainted. The use of bearings is very complicated, and some need to cooperate with the use of rolling bearings, the following for everyone to introduce the use of rolling bearings and requirements.

Choose to cooperate should pay attention to the following four points:

(1) The bearing ring should have a good bearing on the circumference and uniform force to reduce deformation, and can take full bearing capacity.

(2) The ferrule must not slide tangentially in its mating surface, otherwise the mating surface may be damaged.

(3) The free end bearing must be able to adapt to the change in the length of the shaft and housing bore, ie must have the ability to accommodate axial travel within a certain range.

(4) must pay attention to bearing installation and disassembly is simple, save time and money saving.

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