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Common features of cylindrical roller bearings

Luoyang LBR bearing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 15, 2018

Common features of cylindrical roller bearings

Cylindrical roller bearings are separate bearings, installation and removal is very convenient. Cylindrical roller bearings can withstand greater radial load and is suitable for high speed operation occasion cited.

Cylindrical roller bearing raceway and rolling body geometry. After the improved design, the new structure design with higher carrying capacity, ribs and roller end faces not only improves the axial bearing capacity of the bearing, but also improves the lubrication conditions of the contact area between the roller end face and the ribbing edge, Bearing performance. Rolling elements are cylindrical roller bearings to the heart. Cylindrical Roller Bearings The internal structure of the roller 90 ° perpendicular to each other cross (this is the name of the Crossed Roller Bearings), the interval between the rollers with a cage or spacer to prevent the roller tilt or roller Between the mutual inspection, effectively prevent the increase of rotational torque.


1. Rollers and raceways for line contact or repair line contact, radial load capacity, suitable for heavy loads and impact loads.

2. The inner ring or outer ring can be separated, easy to install and disassemble.

3. Shaft or seat hole machining requirements are higher, the bearing outer ring axis relative deflection to be strictly controlled, so as to avoid contact stress concentration.

4. N-type and NU-type can be axially moved to adapt to changes in the relative position of the shaft and the housing due to thermal expansion or installation errors, can be used for free-end support.

5. Friction coefficient is small, suitable for high speed, speed limit close to deep groove ball bearings.

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