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​Regular maintenance of angular contact ball bearings

Luoyang LBR bearing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 24, 2018

Regular maintenance of angular contact ball bearings

Bearing pressed into the angular contact ball bearings should be flexible and non-blocking sense of rotation. If the obvious rotation is not flexible, then the shaft size is too large, tolerances to be reduced. Such as bearing pressed into the shaft rotation by hand there is a clear sense of "rusty", then the shaft may be too large tolerance or shaft roundness is not good. So in the control of shaft and bearing chamber tolerance must also control the roundness, at present, many domestic manufacturers only to control tolerances, there is no roundness control.

First, it needs to be emphasized that the bearing lubrication and cleaning is very important. So when we check the bearings, the first clean the bearing profile, and then remove the timken bearings around the parts. Master should pay attention to, oil seal is a very fragile parts, fruit and are being investigated and demolition needs non-special care, do not over-exertion, so as not to form parts damage. Then carefully check the bearing oil seal and the surrounding parts, if not showing any undesirable symptoms, be sure to change out, bad oil seal will lead to bearing damage, so that the formation of cloud bearings disrupted the formation of equipment downtime.

Second, we have to check the bearing lubricant. Lubrication is very important, not only for bearings, but also for all the bearings. However, please note that the bearings should not be added too much grease. Lubricants on the inspection method for bearing: a little bit of lubricant between the two fingers are rubbing, if no pollutants, can feel it; or is coated with a layer of lubricant on the back of the hand, and then sealed light inspection. Then is to change the bearing lubricant. The use of oil-lubricated bearings are purging the old oil, the bearing coating removal process introduction and should. If so, it should be re-poured with fresh oil and the machine is turning at low rpm for a few minutes. As far as possible so that the oil collected residual pollutants, and then spilled those oils. Note: It is best to filter oil before using it. The use of grease lubrication TIMKEN bearing grease is being replaced, the use of the device removed when the device to avoid the amount of cotton with no contact with any part of the bearing. As the residual fibers may be wedged between the rolling elements and the formation of damage how to relieve the elements that cause bearing-induced problems, especially the use of small bearings should pay more attention to this issue.

Third, you need to be aware of the angular contact ball bearings exposed cage. Check the bearings, never let the bearings exposed to pollutants or moisture conditions. If the work is done when the outer cover, when covered with oil-paper plastic film or the same material had machinery. If you are not disassembled and may be carried out under the inspection scene clean unmasked bearings, brushing female applicator to be coated with whitespirit cleaning, and then to a lint-free cloth or dry with compressed air (Be careful not to start the bearing assembly to reverse). Use a probe of the type used by the little girl and the same dentist to check the bearing surface, the coupler and the beads. Do not clean the sealed cover or dust-proof bearings; only wipe the external profile can be. If the bearing is damaged when the scene needs to be changed out. It is much more economical to change bearings over the period of shutdowns that are scheduled to shut down than to shut down as a result of the sudden shutdowns that have been selected as a result of the matrix damage.

Paint rust is characterized by multiple sealed motor, the motor sound good in the assembly, but put some time in the warehouse, the motor noise greatly changed, remove the angular contact ball bearings have a serious rust phenomenon. Many manufacturers before will think that the problem is bearing, after our constant publicity, and now the motor factory has realized that the problem is mainly insulating paint. The problem is mainly due to the insulating paint volatile acidic substances in a certain temperature and humidity of the formation of corrosive substances, bearing trench corrosion lead to bearing damage. At present, the problem is only the selection of a good insulating paint, and after drying in the ventilation after a period of assembly.

Bearing life and manufacturing, assembly, use are closely related and must be done in every aspect, in order to make angular contact ball bearings in the best state of operation, thereby extending bearing life.

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