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​Matters during installation of imported bearings

Luoyang LBR bearing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 26, 2018

Matters on installation of imported bearings

In the use of imported bearings should pay attention to the main There are 4 aspects, in order to make the bearings run better work, the following detailed introduction.

1, shaft and bearing tolerance selection and control

Bearings should be pressed into the bearing flexible non-blocking sense of rotation. If the obvious rotation is not flexible, then the shaft size is too large, tolerances to be reduced. Such as bearing pressed into the shaft rotation by hand there is a clear sense of "rusty", then the shaft may be too large tolerance or shaft roundness is not good. So in the control of shaft and bearing tolerance must also control the roundness.

2, the bearing assembly

Because the imported bearings are high-precision products, such as improper assembly is likely to cause damage to the bearing channel, resulting in bearing damage. Bearing in the assembly should have a dedicated mold, not free to beat, press the shaft can only be a small circle by force, when the pressure circle can only be a large circle by force. Assembly requires the use of pressure or hydraulic pressure in the upper and lower touch up and down in the horizontal state, if tilt will lead to the bearing channel damage due to stress, leaving the bearing guide.

3, the assembly of foreign objects to prevent

Bearings installed in the rotor to do dynamic balance is very easy to move the balance generated when the iron filings into the bearings inside, it is best to do before loading bearing dynamic balance. Some manufacturers in order to facilitate the assembly, the assembly of the interior of the bearing painted with oil or grease lubrication, but often the operator is difficult to control the amount of good, if the oil or grease in the bearing room to stay more in the bearing rotation is Easy access to the bearings along the shaft. Bearing is best not to be coated with oil or grease, if not coated can not be controlled in the bearing chamber may have to stay.

4, paint rust prevention

Paint rust is characterized by multiple sealed motor, the motor sounds good in the assembly, but put some time in the warehouse, the motor noise greatly changed, remove the bearing a serious rust. Previously, many manufacturers will think that the bearing problem, and now the motor factory has realized that the problem is mainly insulating paint, the problem is mainly due to volatile acid paint volatile substances in a certain temperature and humidity to form corrosive substances, the bearings Channel corrosion lead to bearing damage. At present, the problem is only the selection of a good insulating paint, and after drying in the ventilation after a period of assembly.

Bearing life and manufacturing, assembly, use are closely related and must be done in every aspect, only in the use of imported bearings pay attention to these precautions in order to make the bearings in the best state of operation, thereby extending bearing life .

In order to be able to ensure the bearing has been running in good condition, regular maintenance and repair is necessary, so as to prevent accidents and improve the production efficiency and cost savings. Here to engage in the professional maintenance of the bearings, there must be a standard system of work processes, including operating conditions, lubricants, regular demolition, noise, temperature and some other tests.

In regulating the use of bearings, has been hit to the end of bearing life. This situation is relatively small, are generally in the operation of the production process for a variety of reasons bearing damage, serious bearing directly scrapped, resulting in these reasons is no more than installation, use, lubrication of these three areas, Common there are imported bearings ring arch caused by injury, the main reason is lack of lubrication or foreign body. To solve these problems, we must first rule out the cause of the accident, and examine the accident happening again in one side with the use of the environment, location, structure and so on, bringing unnecessary troubles.

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